“Mighty Legend”


Gatotkaca ‘The Iron Bone’ was the son of Bima and Arimbi from the Arcapada universe. Since his childhood, he’s been a champion of Gods, fighting vicious enemies of his homeland.

Once lost and beaten to near death, Gatotkaca arose as a mighty warrior of the Pandava clan who possessed the supernatural power he obtained from the ultimate training inside the cauldron of heaven, Candradimuka.

With his Antakusuma armor and Brajamusti-Brajadenta twin gauntlet, he can fly across the skies like lightning and hunt down his enemies, the furious Ashuras.

Gatotkaca, the Knight of Priggadani is a symbol of bravery and devotion.

*Based on ‘Garudayana’ comic series created by Is Yuniarto, inspired from Indonesian traditional shadow puppets.

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