“Dr. Arcane”


Gord has has always been the living proof of excellence in the magic academy. He was born with the gift to manipulate the mystic powers, due to which he mastered several sophisticated spells at an early age. But this is clearly a double edged sword as Gord became increasingly arrogant over time.

Once he stumbled across a forbidden book in the academy, which recorded the method to forge the pure mystic existence out of human body using mystic powers. The young wizard buried himself in the book and launched his study, without respecting the opinions from the outside. It worked out successfully at the beginning, the pure mystic energy started to flow in Gord’s vines thus he was able to cast even more powerful spells.

Things turned out bad as Gord was overfilled with mystic energy. Gord then tried to seek solution from ancient magic. With the crash of two different energies, Gord’s body was almost devastated. Thanks to the help from Elward, the chief wizard, the turbulence in his body was finally under control. The incident took a huge toll on Gord, leaving his body half red and half blue. More hopelessly, Gord can never became the existence consists of pure mystic energy. Elward encouraged Gord so he finally got back on this feet. Elward then invited Gord to continue his career as a wizard and invited him to teach at the academy.

After careful consideration, Gord accepted the offer. He wish to find a student who will carry on his study, without running into the same mistake. From that day, Gord started a new life as the strictest professor in the magic academy.

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