“Spacetime Swordmaster”


The birth of Saber traces back to the early years of Laboratory 1718. In the beginning, he was a scholar in one of the most famous invention teams in Scholar City. Dr. Rooney hoped that this team would be able to unlock the ultimate potential of mechanical invention and lead the world into a glorious age of technology. But the radically intellectual scientists became more and more infatuated with modifications to the human body. They engaged in insane experiments that ignored the limits of what the human body could tolerate. They were willing to try anything, use any combination of technology and power, so long as it enhanced human abilities that had not yet been unlocked by nature. Because of this, Dr. Rooney was forced to disband and banish this team of scientists.

Though they had lost Dr. Rooney’s favor, the scientists did not abandon their dreams. They established a laboratory of their own, a symbol of the reverence they held for their inventions. Laboratory 1718 was thus born, and it gathered radical scientists from all parts of the world to conduct strict and rigorous experiments on its subjects with the goal of creating stronger, ever more advanced human weapons. The scientists gathered the genes of hundreds of sword masters of all different races, combining them with cutting-edge technology to create the first artificial man. This was Laboratory 1718’s first creation, and they named him Saber after origins of his creation.

Saber’s personality was proud and aloof, the sword he wields capable of cutting space-time itself. With his sword he traveled between the dimensions, his skill unmatched by any enemy he encounters. Yet because 1 of this Saber was extremely lonely. Gradually he realized that after each battle, when he returned back to Laboratory 1718 to repair himself, he was no longer able to remember who his opponent had been. This realization caused him to become curious about the origins of his creation. He also began to wonder about his true identity; another question he was unable to answer at Laboratory 1718, where all he did was submit to his battle instincts as he completed missions. Gradually, he grew tired of such an existence. He decided to break free from Laboratory 1718’s control and travel to the Land of Dawn, where he hoped to find answers in his own heart through endless battle.

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